Welcome to Austin Preservation, Inc.

Austin Preservation
is dedicated to the protection, restoration and sustainable development of Austin Hot Springs. Our goal is to protect the river, fish habitat, the forest, and ensure the safe use by the public. Austin Hot Springs is along the Clackamas River in the State of Oregon.

Our immediate goal is to raise enough money to complete the purchase of the property and work with the appropriate government agencies to protect, restore, and enjoy the Natural Resource that is, Austin Hot Springs!

CANCELLED! Austin Hot Springs to Bagby Hot Springs Cleanup - April 23rd, 2011

For the first time in over 10 years, the owners of Austin wouldn't give permission for NFC to hold a cleanup of the property. The refusal stems for legal issues they are facing. The cleanup was never formally announced, but it was listed on the website.
Please know that NFC will be working with the landowners to hold a cleanup later in the year. Additionally, we are hoping to have a late spring cleanup of other hot springs in the area in May or June.

Meet at 9:30am at the Ripplebrook Ranger Station. 
(27 miles SE of Estacada) 61431 E Hwy 224

Sign in at 9:30am, donuts and coffee provided by Krispy Kreme. We will be on the road by 10am. Projects will include, tree planting, road and river cleanup, installation of Interpretive signs, and cleanup of Austin Hot Springs. Public access to Austin Hot Springs is only permitted during our Spring and Fall Cleanups! After the cleanup there will be a free BBQ for volunteers at Bagby Hot Springs.

Northwest Forest Conservancy adopted a 15 mile stretch of the Clackamas River, Collawash River, and Hot Springs Fork of the Collawash from SOLV and the Oregon State Marine Board. Working in cooperation with the Clackamas River Ranger District of the US Forest Service, NFC cares for this stretch of river. As partners in the Respect the River program NFC is installing Interpretive signage, helping restore riparian habitat, and educating the public. Funding provided by your membership and your donations!

02/12/2011 - Austin Hot Springs Update

The only way to preserve Austin Hot Springs is with proper management. With proper management it can re-opened to the public. If you support the preservation and management, we welcome your support. Please contact Mike@NWForests.org


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